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This mom created a range of healthy sugar-free breakfasts and snacks

Zero calories natural sweetener, granolas and pancake mixes are some of the healthiest options on the market.

The search for truly healthy products, without added sugar and many calories, has been growing in the Portuguese market, whether because we are looking for options for ourselves or for our children. Health care and nutrition are becoming a priority for new generations in their daily lives.

Fernanda Vasconcelos, entrepreneur and mother, decided to create in her kitchen the ideal products for her children's breakfasts and snacks. She has developed products with zero added sugar, such as granolas, pancake mixes, natural sweetener and prebiotic fiber, for both kids and adults.

All these products are from the Nolita range, a project that was born in Fernanda's kitchen in 2019. “At a certain point in my life, I had a problem: I wanted options for healthy (and tasty) breakfasts, namely without sugar, and didn't find them in the market. I decided to go looking for solutions and now I want to share them”, says Fernanda.

The total absence of added sugar is one of the main differentiating factors of these products from others on the market. Fernanda uses a natural sweetener (Sweety), obtained through the fermentation of corn (zero sugar and zero calories), which gives the sweet taste to her products that are so successful with the little ones. This sweetener is the healthiest on the market and is on sale for €2.49 (100 grams) or €9.99 (500 grams).

The other products developed by the entrepreneur were granolas and pancake mixes designed for people of different ages and truly irresistible. The pancake mixes cost €0.99 (70 grams) and €4.49 (420 grams) and are available in cocoa, raspberry, blackberry and chia flavors. These mixes are made with lupine flour, which gives them a high protein and fiber content.

The granolas, which were the first product developed by Fernanda, are available in four options: Crunchy, Nutty, Berry and Sporty. The range of granola is priced at €1.79 (70 grams) and €6.99 (420 grams).

Nolita is also recommended for those who follow low carb diets, and can eat sporty granola and Sweety sweetener, and also for those who are concerned with the diversity of intestinal microbiota: four products have prebiotic properties. As no product has added sugar or gluten, they are also recommended options for people with diabetes and celiacs.

All Nolita products are certified organic, vegan, wholegrains and gluten free.


Author: Filipa Novais, NiT magazine
Published on September 14th

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