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Sporty granola with Seeds & Almonds

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Our best seller! Keto & Low Carb: only 0.07oz | 1.9g net carb per dose. Grains-free. Oils free. Vegan protein: 0.7oz | 21g per 3.5oz | 100g. Zero added sugar. Zero artificial sweeteners. Vegan. Promotes a happy gut and helps muscle growth.

Elevate your sports performance with Sporty Granola. The ideal complement to a vigorous exercise routine. With pumpkin, sunflower, and flaxseed, you get a rich source of protein, healthy fats, and antioxidants that help support muscle recovery and promote overall body health.

And so many other benefits! 

  • zero added sugar and sweeteners
  • high fiber
  • source of vegan protein
  • seeds as the nº1 ingredient
  • gluten-free 

Simple ingredients that you easily recognize and trust.

Seeds: pumpkin*, sunflower*, flaxseed*; (ALMOND)*; fiber: inulin*; cinnamon*

* From organic farming

Organic certification bio

Easy to prepare:

preparation granola

1- take your favorite yogurt, milk or fruit puree

2- add your favorite fruit 

3- add Nolita's granola

4- enjoy!

Goes with you everywhere.

Nolita products are available in small packaging so you can easily bring them with you and have a healthy snack wherever you are and whenever you want.