• Andrea Costa

    "This granola, in addition to being delicious, is perfect for a snack, mixed with natural yogurt."

  • José Alves

    "Unique brand on the market that I found to avoid sugar and carbohydrates. Thanks to Nolita I stopped consuming granolas and cereals with excess sugar. Granolas are simply great. The pancake mixes are equally great."

  • Sandrina Rodrigues

    "Cocoa pancakes with prebiotics.Top.
    And the granola with whole nuts to taste."

  • Raquel

    "Nolita is the best granola I have ever tried!"

  • Elisa Ribeiro

    "I made 2 pancakes today to try and I liked them." 😍

  • Anairam da Câmara

    "Excellent quality products! The granola is very good! I recommend!"

  • Ana Cunha

    "OMG! The packaging looks great! Much more functional. Easy to open and close! And the granola plus fiber are also tasting great to me. Great! I'm still a fan!" 

  • Patricia Cayolla

    "My favorite granola came full of surprises and treats! I loved it! ❤❤"

  • José Luís Alves

    "I just tried Sporty Granola and this is just what I was looking for. The true taste of seeds in a subtle and enveloping sweetness" 😋

  • Cátia Assunção

    "It's really good indeed 😍!"

  • João Vale

    "Super easy to make 😎" (pancakes)

  • João Pinho

    "A tasty and guilt-free motivation to get out of bed in the morning. I mixed it with greek yogurt and blueberries and it was the perfect way to kick off the day!" 😁

  • Mariana Paulino

    "I already received the order and it was my breakfast: granola. I loved it, it's super tasty. Needless to say, lunch came and I didn't even feel hungry.No more pancakes either! They were wonderful and were my dinner (since nothing else fits)!!! Thank you so much for everything and especially for the quality products and nutritional concerns that are so hard to find. Thank you again!!!I am amazed!!!"

  • Jorge Rebocho

    "Very good quality products and fast shipping.
    Thank you so much!"

  • Mónica Pereira

    "A melhor granola de sempre!! Têm de experimentar."

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