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Keto & Low Carb

Yes, you can have a delicious breakfast 100% compliant with the keto diet or other low carb diets! We're here to solve the struggle of finding delicious keto-friendly breakfast options. Our innovative lineup of pancakes, granolas, bread mixes, and more is meticulously crafted with wholesome ingredients of the mediterranean diet, to provide clean keto alternatives that are also 100% vegan. We offer the perfect balance of taste and nutrition to support your lifestyle. Say goodbye to limited choices and join us on a journey to make keto breakfasts easy, enjoyable, and absolutely delectable.


Gluten-free? Yes!

We love to be inclusive so one of the main rules for us is that all our products are gluten-free! So we are selling delicious granolas, pancakes, chocolates and nuts that follow this rule! No added sugar and gluten-free! We use original ingredients like lupin flour to ensure that our products are naturaly gluten-free.

  • Vegan


  • gluten-free


  • no artificial ingredients

    No artificial ingredients

  • no added sugar

    No added sugar

  • Happy Gut

  • Keto

No added sugar & gut health? Yes!

We offer a wide selection of products that are sweet, without any added sugars nor sweeteners. By using natural inulin fiber to give a natural sweet taste to our products, we are able to provide delicious, healthy treats without relying on unhealthy added sugars. Plus, this fiber is an important supplement to make your gut super happy. We believe that our products are the perfect choice for those looking for tasty treats without worrying about health. Keep you belly happy, and try our delights.

  • Sandrina Rodrigues

    "Cocoa pancakes with prebiotics.Top.
    And the granola with whole nuts
    to taste."

  • José Luís Alves

    "I just tried Sporty Granola and this is just what I was looking for. The true taste of seeds in a subtle and enveloping sweetness" 😋

  • Andrea Costa

    "This granola, in addition to being
    delicious, is perfect for a snack, mixed with natural yogurt."

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Meet Nolita's Team

If the world is crashing, don't worry, we have the ideal team: the person who stresses, the person who calms the others, and the person who laughs at it all! The watchword is "incredible", the recipe is "fun", and the secret is cooperation. Want to find out who is who?

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