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Pepita Choco Bun Mix

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Yours kids are going to love it: with real chocolate chips! Keto & Low carb bread: only 0.15oz | 4.2g net carbs per dose. Great source of vegan protein: 0.5oz | 15g per 3.5oz | 100g. High fiber. Zero added sugar. Vegan. Grains-free. Gluten-free. Promotes a happy gut and supports muscle growth. 

Discover the secret to a healthy breakfast that kids will love!

With Pepita you no longer have to worry about choosing between taste and well-being. Made with care and quality ingredients, our Pepita is the best option for parents following a balanced diet. Low in carbohydrates, with zero added sugar and full of nutrients, it is the bread for the delight of both kids and parents.

And so many other benefits:

  • zero added sugar
  • high fiber
  • source of vegan protein 
  • almond flour as the nº1 ingredient
  • gluten-free

Simple ingredients you easily recognize and trust.

(ALMOND) Flour*; Tiger nut flour*; Chocolate 8%: [maltitol, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, fiber: inulin, cocoa, (SOY) lectin and vanilla flavor]; fiber: psyllium husk*, inulin*; salt

* from organic farming