Nuno Lopes Gama

Nuno co-founded Nolita in 2019.

With an MBA (Porto Business School) and engineer degree (Minho University), his career has taken many twists and turns. He worked for renowned companies (he was the innovation director of the main Portuguese retailer and one of the board members of an investment company). When he felt he wasn't challenging himself enough, he risked everything and dedicated himself to creating a brand new Product Digital Studio, designed to help both startups and corporate companies creating amazing digital assets.

He is also Nolita's Growth lead and Board Member, influencing all the big decisions regarding the future of the company.

In the beginning of 2023, Nuno decided to embrace another challenge, bringing the Food Hack community to Portugal. He is now the lead ambassador for Lisbon. This could be an important step to unite the food community and strengthen this sector.