A table with a breakfast: red fruits, a toast with iogurt and red fruits, pancakes and a coffee

Do you know the 4 problems of your daily breakfast?

1 More than 12% of sugar. In most cases, more than 20%.

Not a good help to maintain your beautiful curves.

Read your food labels. You have to know how much sugar it contains. The World Health Organization recommends that only 10% of the calories ingested is made of sugar. If you are trying to lose weight, I suggest you choose products with less than 5% of sugar.

Be aware of food advertised as “sweetened with honey”, because honey has 82% of sugar and only 0,2% of the fiber. It is healthier than white sugar, but we cannot eat a lot of it.

Be aware of food advertised as “containing stevia”. Although stevia is a natural sweetener with no calories, a lot of processed food has not only stevia, but also sugar and other kind of sweeteners.

2 Fast carbs (refined grains) that are quickly absorbed by your body…

...A guarantee that you will be hungry soon after eating it.

Calories are not the only metric that matters. You need to know the nutritional value of each calorie. The same calories of whole grain food have a lot more nutritional value than the refined one. This means you are giving more good things to your body, eating slow carbs, including a lot more fiber that will improve your gut health and prevent obesity.


3 Processed food with a huge life shelf using a lot of artificial ingredients

...preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours, etc.

This is not a secret anymore. Processed food is not healthy. Before buying cookies, frozen meals or other processed food, quickly check the ingredients list. Is you see several ingredients that you don’t know, it is not a good sign. Check also the levels of sugar… they are usually high.


4 Made of ingredients that grew from conventional farming

...full of pesticides that can damage your health.

Organic food producers have to follow several rules to ensure food quality. Those rules vary from one country to another, but they were designed to produce food in a more natural and healthy way, for humans, animals and for the planet.

 You can check the best ingredients for your meals, following some tips in this article 


How to choose great alternatives!

Now imagine a new kind of breakfast, with a tasty bread, granola or pancake… that can be your everyday pleasure AND is super healthy. Yes! This is possible.

How to choose your breakfast?

Follow the 4 NOs rule:

no refined sugar,

no fast carbs (only whole grains),

3 no artificial ingredients,

no pesticides (organic products).


Photo: @brookelark


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