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Nolita: "It all started with my experience, a need I had"

From Marketing Director to responsible for a brand of healthy breakfasts and snacks, Fernanda Vasconcelos, founder of Nolita, shows how a personal challenge can be transformed into a new career: when looking for food alternatives for her own family, Fernanda Vasconcelos ended up discovering an alternative for her professional life as well.

"Everything started with my own experience, a need that I had", she says in a conversation with M.ª João Vieira Pinto, Marketeer's editorial director. Granola was the starting point, because I wanted to find a solution for snacks, which typically happen outside the home and, therefore, it may be more difficult to guarantee a healthy option.

According to Fernanda Vasconcelos, it is difficult to get away from refined bread and croissants, for example. "We have to keep consuming them, obviously, but maybe not every day", she adds, underlining that Nolita is a response to this problem.

Fernanda Vasconcelos also says that Nolita intends to reach different publics that may even be a little forgotten sometimes, such as diabetics: "People who have some difficulty in finding products that they can consume because the food industry is very sugar-based. It's a magical and fabulous ingredient for several reasons, it's extremely cheap, it gives flavor..."


Author: Marketeer magazine

Published on September 28th

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