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"Healthy pleasure"? It's Nolita

"Healthy pleasure" is the signature of the new brand of products for healthy breakfasts and snacks. It is called Nolita and has options such as granola, pancake mixes, natural sweetener and prebiotic fiber.

"A healthy breakfast for gluttons" is the motto of the brand, guarantees the founder of the brand, Fernanda Vasconcelos. The project began in 2019, in her kitchen, when she started producing granolas without refined sugar for her family. "At a certain point in my life, I had a problem: I wanted options for healthy (and tasty) breakfasts, namely without sugar, and I couldn't find an answer in the market. I decided to look for solutions and now I want to share them", says the founder.

The brand is indicated for people who follow low carb diets and who are "concerned with the diversity of the intestinal microbiota. The products, besides having no added sugar, are gluten free, certified organic, vegan, whole grain and "recommended for people with diabetes and celiacs. They are available mainly online and also in some selected points of sale. The goal, in the short term, is to increase the presence in the national market in organic and gourmet stores and start the international expansion, starting this month, with the presence in the Organic Food Iberia.

"From now on we will strongly intensify our internationalisation initiatives, starting with the European Union countries, bearing in mind that our target client has more representation abroad than in Portugal", she adds.

Author: Briefing magazine
Published on September 3rd

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