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From sweet to savoury snacks, 10 Portuguese brands that have what's good and healthy

Ideal to have at home or take to work, these Portuguese brands are here to make our lives easier when we get hungry or feel the urge to eat a sweet treat. And the best thing? They care about our health.


It was born in 2019 by the hands of Fernanda Vasconcelos, who, faced with the difficulty in finding healthy and practical alternatives for breakfasts and snacks, brought homemade granolas to the market.

After the success of granolas, currently available in four flavours (crunchy, nutty, berry and sporty), made with ingredients such as buckwheat or Portuguese raspberries, this year it launched in pancake mixes. The pancakes are also available in four flavours (chia, raspberry, blackberry and cocoa) and have the particularity that they are made with lupin flour, "an ingredient with high levels of protein and fibre", as Fernanda had already explained to MAGG.

In addition to pancake mixes (priced from €0.99 per pack) and granolas (from €1.79 per pack), there is also a natural sweetener (€2.49) and a natural pre-biotic fibre (€2.99). At this moment, Nolita products are available online on the brand's website, in the Casal Mistério's online shop and in several producers' marketplaces.



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Published on November 7th

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