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Healthy school snacks

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Do you know the main problem of your kid's school snacks?

If you give healhy snacks to your kids, they don't eat them because they are not delicious.

If you give them delicious snacks, you feel guilty because you know that they are not healthy.

We all know that it is good to have different snacks every day and also that they should be as healthy as possible. However, with the day-to-day routine, we all realize how difficult it is to be original and make healthy and delicious snacks.


How to create delicious healthy snacks without spending hours in the kitchen?

The General Directorate of Health has launched specific rules for school snacks, so we decided to create this ebook with recipes that comply not only with these rules but also with the principles of Nolita! They are tasty snacks, full of energy and vitamins that will entertain your children and help them stay more focused on school tasks.

This second edition has the approval of our nutritionist Dr. Gabriela Rosa.

We hope you enjoy these snacks as much as we do!