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Berry granola | Lyophilized Organic Raspberries

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Sweet oats with pumpkin seeds and a twist of cinnamon. Only 6 natural ingredients. Our granola with less fat and sodium. 13g of protein. High fibre. Zero added sugar. Vegan. Gluten free. Organic.

Granola with less Kcal? We cut the kcal, not the flavor!

When we think of Berries, what comes to mind is an explosion of flavor in the form of small pieces of real fruit. This is our promise: real fruit with tasty and no added sugar granola. 

This granola has less kcal than the other Nolita granolas! You can delight yourself wihout guilt. 


And so many other benefits! 

  • zero added sugar 
  • high fiber
  • source of protein 
  • whole grain oats as the nº1 ingredient
  • gluten free


Simple ingredients that you easily recognize and trust.

Whole OAT flakes* 72%, Pumpkin seeds*, zero calories natural sweetener (Erythritol)* 9%, Sunflower oil, lyophilized Raspberries 4%, Cinnamon* 

* From organic farming


Easy to prepare:

how to prepare your granola


1- take your favorite yogurt, milk or fruit puree

2- add your favorite fruit 

3- add Nolita's granola

4- if you like your granola sweeter add Sweety

5- enjoy!


Kids friendly.

This product is kids friendly, delicious and healthy.


Nutrition | Nährwertdeklaration | Declaración/Declaração nutricional 
Energy | Energie | Energia (KJ/Kcal) 
Fat | Fett | Lípidos | Grasas (g)
        Saturated | Gesättigte | Saturados | Saturadas (g)
Carbohydrates | Kohlenhydrate | Hidratos de carbono (g)
        Sugars | Zucker | Açúcares | Azúcares  (g)
        Polyalcohols | Polyalkohole | Polióis | Polialcoholes (g)
Fiber | Ballaststoffe | Fibra | Fibra alimentaria (g)
Protein | Eiweiß | Proteínas (g)
Salt | Salz | Sal (g)