Our Nutritionist

The woman who made it healthy

Gabriela Rosa

Gabriela joined Nolita in September 2021 as nutritionist.

With a background in Nutrition, passionate about healthy eating, sports and travel, she started studying Food Engineering in college, and then found herself leaning more towards the health area, because she loves teaching and connecting with people.

Her passion for cooking, photography and new experiences took her out of her comfort zone, something she values and applies in her life, allowing her to create a small health food company called Yummy. This was the first step, of a journey she is still discovering about healthy recipes and using creativity. This, after a year living in Portugal, with Erasmus experiences, internships in collective food, public health, clinical, sports and marketing. 

She joined the company because she believes in the same values of healthy eating as a lifestyle, allowing new information to always reach the table and the customer's knowledge, demystifying myths and simplifying the beauty of eating right, with the goal of always learning.'