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Sweety & Fiber Box | Erythritol and Inulin

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ooking & Baking IngredientsZero calories natural sweetener + prebiotic fiber (89% of fiber). No added sugar. Vegan. Gluten free. Organic & GMO free.

Why I should use this pack?

This pack has our Sweety and Prebiotic Natural Fiber.

You can substitute sugar with Sweety: it has the same flavor with zero sugarzero kcal e zero glycemic index! It is a natural sweetener, made from organic fermented corn. Keto friendly and suitable for diabetics. Enjoy it!

Our prebiotic fiber has 89% of fiber. It helps you feel satiated and may benefit gut health.


Simple ingredients that you easily recognize and trust.


 Zero calories natural sweetener (Erythritol)* 100%

Prebiotic Natural Fiber

Natural inulin from chicory root* 100% 


* From organic farming

organic certification bio


How to use it?


how to use sweety

1- use Sweety instead of sugar (substitute 3.5oz (100g) of sugar with 3.8oz (110g) of Sweety)

2- to sweeten coffee, tea, yogurt, pancakes or to make cakes.

3- enjoy


Prebiotic Natural Fiber

how to use fiber

1- add this Prebiotic Natural Fiber (we recommend one teaspoon per day)

2- to your usual food.

3- enjoy!