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Pancake mix Box | Cocoa | Blackberry | Chia

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The 3 best pancake mixes in the world in one box. High fibre. High protein. Zero added sugar. Vegan. Gluten free. Pack L 14.8oz (420g) x 3. Pack S  2.4oz (70g) x 3. 


Are you a pancake lover? 

Do you want to try all Nolita pancake mix without paying more for that? We have the solution for you! Try now this pack! I am curious if you can decide which one is the best: Chia, Blackberry or Cocoa! 😋


So many benefits! 

zero added sugar 

- high fiber

- whole oats flour as the nº1 ingredients

- gluten-free 


Simple ingredients that you easily recognize and trust.


Whole OAT flour* 63%, zero calories natural sweetener (Erythritol)* 18%, rice protein 10%, chia seeds* 9%

Organic & GMO free.

Cocoa and Chocolate

Whole OAT flour * 55%, LUPINE flour*, Chocolate 16% [Cocoa paste, sweetener (maltitol), fiber (inulin), cocoa butter, emulsifier (SOYA lectin) and flavor (vanilla)], zero-calorie natural sweetener (erythritol) * 18%, Rice protein*, cocoa powder* 2%


Whole OAT flour* 55%, LUPINE flour*, natural, zero-calorie sweetener (erythritol) * 18%, blackberry powder 2% 

Organic & GMO free.

* From organic farming


Easy to prepare:

 preparation pancakes

1- for 7 tbsp or a cup of Nolita Pancake Mix

2- add one tsp of baking powder

3- add 7 tbsp or a cup of milk or vegetal drink

4- add 1 tbsp of oil

5- let the mixture rest 10 minutes and cook over medium heat

6- enjoy


Goes with you everywhere.

This pancake mix box is available in small packaging so you can easily bring it with you and have a healthy snack wherever you are and whenever you want. 


Kids friendly.

You can make these pancakes for your kids. They are delicious and super healthy.