tiramissu overnight oats

Tiramisù overnight oats

Author: Gabriela Rosa (nutritionist)

It is nothing more than “sleeping oats”, in tiramisu style! Simple and very tasty recipe! You will need:



4 tbsp of oats flake (40g)
1 tbsp of chia or seeds
2 tbsp of cocoa or chocolate powder
1/2 cup of milk ou vegetable drink (100mL) 
30ml of express coffee
1 unit of greek or protein yogurt
2 tbsp of Sweety




Mix the rolled oats, coffee, milk or vegetable drink, chia and seeds, and let it rest in the fridge for at least 4 hours, but ideally it is overnight, for about 8 hours, to have the desired creamy effect.

In the morning, when preparing your breakfast, add the mixture, in a container, with light Greek yogurt or protein in layers, finishing with cocoa or chocolate powder, passed through the sieve.

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