Healthy ferrero rocher

Healthy ferrero rocher

(Adapted by Madebychoices)

Yes, you read right! Healthy Ferrero exists and we will give you the recipe of one of the best chocolates ever! 


Ferrero filling

1 cup of sweety  

1/2 cup hazelnuts 

2 tablespoons raw cocoa powder 

16 whole hazelnuts 


To involve:

1/4 cup 80% cocoa chocolate 

1/2 cup chopped hazelnuts 



Ferrero filling:

In a food processor add the 1/2 cup and hazelnuts and grind until they become flour.
Add the Sweety along with the cocoa and grind on full speed. About 2 minutes, or until it becomes a smooth paste. 
Transfer the dough to a bowl. 
Moisten your hands, take out some of the dough, make a ball and flatten the centre with your finger. 
Fill the centre of the dough with 1 hazelnut. Close the ball.
Repeat the process until the dough is finished. 

    To involve

    Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie. If necessary, add a little olive oil to make the chocolate more liquid. 
    Wrap the balls in the chocolate. 
    Roll the balls in the chopped hazelnuts. 
    Put in the refrigerator until it hardens.
    If you prefer, you can coat the balls with chocolate again.
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