Chocolate Pie

Chocolate Pie

 Are you dreaming of a delicious chocolate afternoon? The ones that really make your mouth water? We know this desire well. That's why today we give you a delicious and healthy recipe so you can enjoy yourself without guilt!



To the base:
1/3 cup cocoa powder;
300g (22,1 oz) of Nolita granola
2 tbsp of Sweety ;

For the filling:
200 g (10,4oz) baked sweet potato;
200 g (10oz) dark chocolate;
1tbsp  Sweety;
1tbsp  olive oil;
½  cup of almond drink;
½ tsp of ​​salt;
3tbsp  of cocoa;
Hazelnuts for decoration.


For the base, crush the granola in a processor with the cocoa and add the sweety diluted in water (to keep the consistency of honey). Place parchment paper over the pan and press the granola into the pan. Place in a pre-heated oven at 190ºC (374ºF) for 15 minutes. allow to cool completely
For the first layer, melt dark chocolate and mix with sweet potato, agave jelly, coconut oil, almond drink, vanilla extract and salt. Spread two-thirds of this mixture over the base and freeze for another 20 minutes. For the final layer, add the cocoa to the rest of the preparation and place on top of the pie. Decorate with hazelnuts and refrigerate.

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