Benefits of Prebiotic Pancakes

Benefits of Prebiotic Pancakes

 Author: Gabriela Rosa (Nolita's nutritionist)


Do you know what a prebiotic food is?

Prebiotic foods are great for our gut! Inside the body, they work as a kind of "food" for our body's gut bacteria - also called probiotics or live lactobacilli - and therefore ensure the balance of our microbiota, a very important factor for health.


Examples of prebiotics.

Cocoa powder or Chocolate >70%, Garlic, Onion, Flaxseed, Oats, Psyllium, Lupin, among others.


Understanding the composition of Nolita Pancakes.

Lupin flour, present in the composition of our prebiotic pancakes, is very rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and vitamin C! Besides this, due to the high quantity of fiber, encouraged by the presence of oats as well, this nutrient helps in the absorption of cholesterol, and its reduction in the bloodstream, preventing cardiovascular diseases and improving blood sugar in diabetics.

The high prebiotic power is characterized by the presence of Lupin and Cocoa in the composition, a double benefit!

Our products also have a natural sweetener, called Erythritol, obtained from the fermentation of sucrose from corn, it has a quality superior to other sweeteners, because it contains only 0.24 calories/gram and almost 70% of the sweetening power of table sugar! In addition, it is natural and causes no side effects. And finally, it has properties that can help with oral health, that is, it can be good for your teeth, because it does not serve as a substrate for bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities!


What are you waiting for to use this superfood?

Target Population: Diabetics, Hypertensives, Arterial diseases, Obstipated, Hypercholesterolemic, Oncologic.

Great option to include in the preparations of:

  • Pies and cakes;
  • Breads, only a part of the recipe so as not to compromise the texture;
  • Sweet pancakes, muffins, and even in smoothies.

You can also use it in the traditional Nolita Prebiotic Pancake recipe and accompany it with some of our tips:

  • 1 Yogurt;
  • 1 unit of fruit;
  • Natural chocolate syrup, made with milk and cocoa;
  • Granola

If you make any recipe with our products, share it with us!


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