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Nolita: Sugar? Not a chance

A few years ago, Fernanda Vasconcelos decided to switch to a healthier diet, but she ran into a problem Catarina Borges Castro talked about - lack of flavor. "So I started to make my own breakfasts and snacks. On Sundays I'd wake up early and make granola, bread, cookies and cookies," she says. Granola was the most successful thing among those who tried her culinary inventions and she began to realize that, after all, it wasn't just a necessity of hers.

Fernanda Vasconcelos worked in marketing and felt stagnated professionally. She started looking for more about the food production area and applied to an incubation program for start-ups. In 2019, Nolita was one of the companies selected and Fernanda Vasconcelos quit her job to dedicate herself 100% to the project. "I realized that people are trying to eat healthier, but they are not willing to make sacrifices," notes the entrepreneur, who used to work in marketing.

Therefore, convenience is a feature of all of Nolita's products. The granolas, for example, are available in individual packages to take to work. There are four flavors - crunchy, sporty, berry, and nutty - made mostly with "lots of nuts and seeds." They are all "gluten free, organic and with no added sugar", guarantees Fernanda Vasconcelos.


The sweetener used is one particularity that distinguishes the brand. Instead of using honey or coconut sugar, the entrepreneur uses a natural sweetener made from fermented corn. This type of sweetener, she guarantees, gives flavor but does not add calories. This is because, in her opinion, "people are tired of the promise 'this is healthy and it's good'. The truth is that healthy food has always lacked a lot of flavor.

There is a granola designed for those who want to reduce the amount of carbohydrates ingested, the sporty one, made mainly with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, and almonds. The brand's novelty is the pancakes, which excel by using lupine flour, rich in protein and fiber, and cocoa is, of course, the favorite flavor of the younger ones.

For now, Nolita is available in some organic stores, in the online store of Casal Mistério and on its own platform.

Author: Público (Alimentação)

Published on October 22th

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