Sweety: low carb healthy sweetener

Sweety: low carb healthy sweetener

That's right, there is a sweetener, with zero calories and almost the same taste as sugar on the market! It is vegan, natural and easy to use. Very different from others. The food industry called it erythritol.

What is it made of?

It is a natural product obtained through the fermentation of organic corn. It belongs to a category of sweeteners called sugar alcohol.

Despite the name "alcohol" this substance does not contain ethanol, so it is safe for any age.

Several sugar alcohols are found naturally in fruits and vegetables, as it is the case with this product and others well-known such as Xilitol, Sorbitol or Maltitol.

Since sugar alcohols have a chemical structure similar to sugar, they activate the sweet taste receptors on the tongue.

What is the difference from other sweeteners and erythritol?

Unlike artificial sweeteners, most sugar alcohols contain calories, but in smaller amounts than plain sugar. They also increase blood sugar levels. However, erythritol does not contain any calorie and it has a glycemic index of zero, so it doesn't increase the blood sugar levels. That's why is healthy.

In addition, this substance appears to be safe in the long term in terms of consumption. Other natural sweeteners sometimes have risks associated with long-term consumption, such as kidney failure or digestive problems, for example. But in the case of erythritol, despite the diversity of studies performed, no risks associated with its consumption over long periods of time have yet been detected.

What are the benefits?

It has been found that about 90% of the erythritol you consume is absorbed into the bloodstream before it reaches the colon, and that this sweetener also appears to be resistant to fermentation in this part of the digestive system, as humans lack the enzymes needed to break it down.

In addition, the 90% absorbed into the bloodstream seem to be excreted in the urine almost unchanged, so it is suspected that in fact it is not absorbed into the body in a way that could cause any harm.

This factor accounts for the fact that there is no change in blood sugar or insulin levels by healthy people consuming this natural product. There is also no effect on cholesterol, triglycerides, or other biomarkers. For people with overweight, diabetes, or other problems related to metabolic syndrome, erythritol appears to be an excellent alternative to sugar.

Is it low carb / keto friendly?

Yes, this sweetener is keto friendly because it has no sugar and no calories. The carbs are not absorbed by the body... it's why this is the favorite sweetener of low carb diets.

Where to find it?

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