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Nutty granola with Cashews & Seeds

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A delicious granola and an excellent source of vegan protein: 0.7oz | 20g per 3.5oz | 100g. High fibre. Zero added sugar. No artificial sweeteners. Vegan. Gluten-free. 100% Organic & GMO free. Keto & Low Carb | only 0.1oz | 2.9g net carb per dose. Grains-free. Oils free. Supports muscle growth.

Do you wake up hungry? Nothing keeps you satiated for long?

Nutty Granola is the perfect choice for you: low in carbohydrates, it contains healthy fats and proteins, and satiating fiber, ideal to help you stay focused until the last minute, without the roars of your hungry belly. All natural as it should be.

And so many other benefits! 

  • zero added sugar and sweeteners
  • high fiber
  • source of vegan protein
  • seeds as the nº1 ingredient
  • gluten-free 

Simple ingredients that you easily recognize and trust.

Seeds: pumpkin*, sunflower*, (SESAME)*; (CASHEW)*; fiber: inulin* 11%; cinnamon*

* From organic farming

Organic certification bio

Easy to prepare:

preparation granola

1- take your favorite yogurt, milk or fruit puree

2- add your favorite fruit 

3- add Nolita's granola

4- enjoy!

Goes with you everywhere.

This granola is available in small packaging so you can easily bring it with you and have a healthy snack wherever you are and whenever you want.