alimentação mitos e factos book written by Isabel do Carmo. White backgorund with some food (salmon, brocolis, egg, peper, avocate, tomatos, cauliflower and eggplant)

Food myths & facts- book

What is this book about?

It talks about a lot of things related to food. Important things like "gluten allergy", "the lactose war" or the importance of eating a balanced diet. It addresses key issues like the comparison between the Mediterranean and vegetarian diets, explains the various "trendy diets" like paleo and carbohydrate restrictions (for instance keto or ketogenic diet).


Scientific stories, told in a playful and familiar way

This book speaks directly to us. About us and others. It is not one of those boring scientific studies that we only read because we have to. It tells us true, scientific based stories, told in a playful and familiar way, as if we were at a family gathering in winter in front of the fireplace.


What is good and bad food?

The author explains how to deals with doubts, fears, insecurities, false truths and absolute certainties that are so wrong. She shows her perspective about how the industry and the media can manipulate what is "good" and "bad" about food, and how to guard against gratuitous ignorance on this subject. After all, "food has a huge impact on our health, our appearance, and the quality of our lives."

Not only scientific facts, but also concrete tools

Be mistaken if you think that you finish reading this book and are left with a nutritional plan of what to eat or a miracle diet to lose the 30kg you have accumulated between Christmas and Easter. This will not happen, because the author does not sell magic recipes. On the contrary, she tries to "give tools for everyone to make their own choices to preserve health, while also preserving pleasure."


What surprised me the most in this book?

What surprised me the most was the way she praises milk, compares the various types of diet based on current scientific articles, clearly explains the intermittent fasting, the use of supplements in vegan and vegetarian diets, and discusses the sinfulness of chocolate.

This is a book that exceeds all expectations! Isabel do Carmo is an endocrinologist with a vast experience and knowledge in the food area. She was director of the Endocrinology Service of HSM until 2013. Responsible between 2005 and 2013 for the coordination HSM/Health Centers of Lisbon North. Founder of the Portuguese Society for the Study of Obesity and the Nucleus of Food Behavioral Diseases, President of the Scientific Council of the Platform against Obesity of the DGS until 2011 and fortunately, writer.


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