3 easy tips to reduce the impact of christmas on your weight and health

4 Easy tips to reduce the impact of Christmas on your weight and health

It is known that Christmas and New Year could be catastrophic when it comes to weight control and a balanced and healthy diet maintenance.

Yet we are human and it would not be feasible for the vast majority of us to go through this life without committing some excesses. Christmas is a good opportunity for that.


That's why I decided to share with you 4 tips I use to limit damage.


These tips aim to lower the glycemic index, which will quickly peak after a meal full of sugar, white (refined) rice, pasta and flours. Several studies have shown a link between spikes in blood sugar and cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Furthermore, they have a negative impact on weight control.

1 Food order

The order in which you eat is also essential for lowering the glycemic index. That is why it is essential to eat vegetables first, then proteins (such as meat or fish) and finally carbohydrates (potatoes, rice and desserts). In short: don't steal some french toast before lunch (eat it at the end) and don't pass up a soup or salad to start the meal.

2 Cinnamon

Cinnamon has a big impact on lowering the glycemic index, so add plenty of cinnamon to Christmas sweets or dissolve some cinnamon in coffee or tea at the end of a meal.


3 Lemon

Lemon has exactly the same effect as cinnamon. That's why whenever I eat sweets, I drink a lemon tea with a few drops of lemon or I make lemonade (I replace sugar with prebiotic fiber, since it's natural, has no sugar and is super sweet).


4 Walk

A 30-minute brisk walk also helps to lower the glycemic index, so it can be a good solution after a lunch full of delicious unhealthy treats.


These are the 4 quick fixes you can use, however you can also try to minimize those mistakes. How?

Replacing some ingredients with others with less impact... some examples:

wheat flour -> oat flour

white pasta -> whole pasta

white sugar -> natural sweetener prebiotic fiber


Now that you know these tips, relax and make the most of the Holidays season.

Merry Christmas



Photo: @jeshoots


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