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Nolita's breakfast boxes have arrived

With sugar-free granola, prebiotic fiber and low-carb sweetener, these boxes promise to be the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

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Valentine's Day is almost here and nothing better than offering health to those we love the most, whether friends or boyfriends. The demand for really healthy products has grown a lot in recent years and we are increasingly careful with food and health in our daily lives. Healthy living is becoming a priority for new generations — and beyond.

Fernanda Vasconcellos, 49 years old, is much more than an economist — she is an entrepreneurial mother. That's why, in 2019, she decided to create the ideal products for his children's breakfasts and snacks in his kitchen, but now she wanted to bet everything on adults. It has developed products without added sugars, such as granolas, pancake mixes, natural sweetener and prebiotic fiber, with special boxes to offer to your better half.

Last summer it decided to create a range of products in which the total absence of sugars is one of the main differentiating factors in relation to those already on the market. All Nolita products are certified organic, vegan, whole-grain and gluten-free.

The entrepreneur did not want to stop there and decided to create a special campaign to celebrate Valentine's Day, which began on February 2nd. With the two new “boxes of healthy products designed for the needs of the female and male body”, all you have to do is choose the perfect box and indicate the shipping address.

“To complete the products, we decided to create specific content that would help boyfriends celebrate this day in an even cuter way. They can be inspired by the website we created, full of cute phrases, to write an original card to their better half”, Fernanda tells NiT.

The box for Him (€19.99) has products with protein sources and consists of a granola and a low carb sweetener, a nut granola and a mix of cocoa pancakes (with lupine flour). “These products are ideal for those who practice sports and need good sources of protein to strengthen muscle mass”, she describes.

The box for Her (€19.99) is rich in fiber. It consists of a granola with Portuguese freeze-dried raspberry, a mix of chia pancakes, a fiber and a mix of blackberry pancakes. “The high level of fiber in these foods provides a high level of satiety after consumption, allowing meals to be spaced more apart and thus avoiding the intake of excessive calories that could not be spent and would then be transformed into fat”, she says.

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Author: Filipa Novais, NiT magazine
Published on February 2022

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