Sweety | zero calories natural sweetener

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no added sugar

Hi Sweety!

Think about your favorite cake. You don't eat it every day because it has sugar. Well, Nolita has the solution for you! Sweety is our new sweetener and already our favorite: with no sugar, no fat and no calories! Yes, it’s right! You can substitute sugar with Sweety and eat your favorite cake every day! Enjoy it!

The natural process that produces such a marvel! 

Our Sweety is obtained by fermenting organic corn. That's it.

Simple ingredients that you easily recognize and trust.

 Zero calories natural sweetener (Erythritol)* 100%

* From organic farming

organic certification bio

How to use it?

1-use Sweety instead of sugar

2- to sweeten coffee, tea, yogurt, pancakes or to make cakes.