Food myths & facts: a scientific approach by Isabel do Carmo

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We all pay close attention to what we eat because we know that food has a huge impact on our health, our appearance, and the quality of our lives. And yet, we often base our behavior and food choices of incomplete, misleading, or even wrong information.

Prof. Isabel do Carmo has a long disseminate work on various aspects of health. She has now written Food - Myths and Facts to help us make the most advantageous food choices for our lives - based on reliable sources of information and with the scientific rigor that such an important subject presumes.

Food - Myths and Facts provides a balanced and informed view of
- The main trendy diets: from Paleo to weight loss diets like Atkins, with carbohydrate restriction
- The wars on some nutrients, such as gluten and lactose
- Meat consumption and vegetarian diets, their advantages, and disadvantages
- The Mediterranean diet
- Nutritional supplements and "natural" medicines: plants, herbs, and natural supplements
- The relationship between food and the biological clock Chrononutrition

These are some of the topics covered in this important new work by Prof. Isabel do Carmo, which enlightens us on the effects that our behavior and food choices have on the body.